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What is an E-visa?

An E-visa is a quicker, easier alternative to the traditional visas issued by a nation’s embassies. It is an official document issued by the government that allows the passport holder to travel to the relevant country. E-visas are obtained electronically, usually for a fee. Not all countries offer an E-visa option, and some E-visas are restricted to residents of certain pre-agreed countries.

Applying for an E-visa is very simple. Applicants are required to enter their personal details, travel and passport information onto an online platform and pay for the E-visa using a credit or a debit card. Once approved, your E-visa will be confirmed via email, or you can download it from the website. When you reach the border of the country you are visiting, immigration officials will verify your E-visa via their online system. It is advisable to print out a copy of your E-visa approval, or carry it on your cell phone, in case of any problems.

Please note that the nation’s immigration officials still make the final decision as to whether or not you can enter to the country. Even if you hold an E-visa, they still have the authority to refuse entry in certain situations.

What information do I need to apply for an E-visa?

The required information varies depending on the country you want to apply to for an E-visa. Most countries require the following information as a minimum:

  • Your personal details
  • Passport that is valid for at least six months after the date you enter the country
  • Travel dates and destination
  • Valid credit card details to process the E-visa fee

Each country has its own E-visa requirements, which may change at any time. You may be required to provide additional information.

Why choose an E-visa over a standard travel visa?

Both types of visa travel documents have the same function and must be issued by the government. However, applying for an E-visa has the following benefits:

  • You can apply for an E-visa at your own convenience before you travel
  • You can submit an E-visa application wherever you are, providing that you have online access to the internet
  • E-visas avoid the inconvenience, time and travel costs associated with visiting the embassy in person
  • E-visas are usually processed within 72 hours
  • E-visa applications are simple to complete online

Simply put, E-visas save time, money, travel and paperwork.

Does each person who accompany me need a separate E-visa?

Each person requires their own individual E-visa, including children under the age of 18.

When should I apply for my E-visa?

Most E-visa applications require up to 48 hours to process. We recommend you apply at least 72 hours before you travel.

If my E-visa application is denied, can I still apply for a standard tourist visa?

If your E-visa application is denied, you can still apply for a standard visa at your embassy.

How long it takes to process E-visa application?

The E-visa confirmation period varies from country to country, but you should receive a response in less than 48 hours, or in some cases in less than 72 hours.

What is the fee for an E-visa?

E-visa application fees vary depending on the country. To determine the exact cost, you must visit the government website or our E-visa information page to find out what fees may be applicable.

What is a CVV / CVC / CVC2 number?

A CVV / CVC or CVC2 number is the three or four digit number usually located on the back of your credit card. Please note that the American Express security code is shown on the front of the card with 4 digits, while the security code on MasterCard and Visa are shown on the back of the card with 3 digits.

Are my payments secure on this site?

Our website uses 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure complete protection and security for all your personal and financial data. All our payment systems comply with the highest standards of banking security. Please ensure that you use a secure internet connection and a computer that is virus protected. Your bank/credit card provider should also have a safeguarded security system.

Can I use your website if I am visually impaired?

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Firefox add-ons: Accessibility Scripts and Toolbar.ColorBlindExt
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