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ESTA Verify/Update Steps


You can retrieve an existing ESTA application and make updates to the email address and accommodation in the US.

We suggest checking your ESTA Travel Authorization status if:

  • You have forgot or lost your ESTA number
  • You are unsure whether or not you have previously applied for ESTA
  • You are not aware whether your ESTA Travel Authorization is active or not (ESTA normally expires after 2 years)
  • You have a family member or a close friend who is uncertain about their ESTA travel document or its status

You should update your ESTA Travel Authorization if:

  • Your email address has changed
  • Your address in the U.S. has changed for your upcoming visit

Our customer service team of trained professionals will review all information that you submit and locate your previous application to make the changes you requested. We will email you your updated travel authorization in a PDF format once the updates are confirmed. In most cases, this process is completed the same day. The total review and processing fee per application is USD 39.00.

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